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2/15/21 Letter to Senator Brewer re; Voter ID LR C3A

Letter to Lincoln City Council commending 04/26/21 Inclusion Resolution

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Action Alert

 US House of Representatives passed HR1, the For the People Act. This comprehensive democracy reform agenda is an important step toward protecting our elections and building a more inclusive democracy. Please contact your senators to express support for this important reform.

Thank you to all our members and supporters for reaching out to your representatives to support this legislation. 

We need HR1 now more than ever. The 2020 election saw the largest voter participation in our country’s history. But since November, we have seen hundreds of restrictive voting bills introduced by state legislatures in more than 40 states. These bills seek to limit the voices of voters, particularly Black and brown voters, who voted in record numbers last year. Now is the time to expand voter access, not restrict the constitutional right to vote. HR1 will protect voters and help to build a fairer and more inclusive democracy.

Today we celebrate expanding voter access, but tomorrow the work moves to the US Senate.

The Senate will soon introduce their version of the For the People Act, and the League will continue our dedication to build support to pass this legislation. 

Here is what you need to know about this bill: 

  • Expands our right to vote with automatic voter registration, online voter registration, and same day registration
  • Ends partisan and racial gerrymandering in favor of independent redistricting commissions
  • Provides more transparency by holding elected officials accountable and requiring candidates to provide financial disclosures


Thank you for your commitment and for helping to empower voters and defend democracy in the days ahead. (Thank you to the National LWV for this article.  To stay up to date on  the national League’s work to advance the For the People Act by joining our check out the OutreachCircle, our digital organizing tool for peer-to-peer texting and staying up to speed on League priority actions.  )

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How to contact the Governor and Secretary of State

Governor Pete Ricketts


1445 K St.

P.O. Box 94848

Lincoln, NE 68509

Phone 402-471-2244

Fax 402-471-6031

Nebraska Secretary of State Robert Evnen


1445 K St., Suite 2300

P.O. Box 94608

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Phone  402.471.2554

Fax  402.471.3237