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Visit this space to learn about LWV actions regarding the 2023-2024 Nebraska Unicameral Legislation.

Repeal of LB753 will appear on 2024 ballot

The League of Women Voters of Nebraska and by extension the League of Women Voters of Lincoln/Lancaster Co. (LVWLL) was part of the Support Our Schools Nebraska (SOSNE) coalition that launched a referendum petition drive on June 6, 2023 to gather signatures to repeal LB753 – the Opportunity Scholarships Act and related tax credits.  Most LWVLL members [like Kate Borchman and Jean McGuire pictured below] actively supported the petition in some way. The petition drive proved to be successful.

On Aug. 30, SOSNE coalition members presented the Nebraska Secretary of State with 117,145 signatures from 5% of registered voters in more than 60 counties, far surpassing the 38-county requirement. At the press conference, Cynthia Peterson, president of LWVLL said, “LB 753 does one thing only: it diverts public dollars to private and $ schools through tax credits.” 

“Because it is important for Nebraskans to be truly heard on this matter, League members all over the state invested their time and efforts into circulating the referendum petition and gathering signatures to get it on the ballot. The thousands of Nebraskans who have affixed their signatures to the petition agree that voters should have the final say on this matter.”

Voters will have the final say. On Oct. 10, 2023, the Secretary of State announced he certified the referendum petition for LB 753, and it will be on the Nebraska ballot in November 2024. Certification means election officials confirmed that petition circulators met all constitutional requirements. The voters will now decide if they want to repeal LB 753 and keep public dollars for public schools.

LWVLL members are ready to move forward alongside other coalition members to the voter education work necessary to combat the disinformation that is already circulating.

Advocacy: Action that Leads to Hope workshop

The League of Women Voters of Lincoln-Lancaster County participated as a sponsor for the Advocacy: Action that Leads to Hope workshop on Sat, Nov 4, 9:30 to 11:00 AM
Location: Pilgrim Hall, First-Plymouth Congregational Church, 2000 ‘D’ Street, Lincoln, Nebraska
Taking action on issues you care about is an evidence-based way to increase feelings of hope. Learn how you can make a difference in our society at a free advocacy workshop. You’ll learn the basics of advocacy, hear a brief overview of the hunger and environmental aspects of the Farm Bill, and practice active hope by telling policy makers what you think on whatever issues matter to you. Speakers include former Nebraska State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks; Eric Gerrard, American Communications Group, Inc; Michaella Kumke, President and CEO, Food Bank of Lincoln; and John Hansen, President of Nebraska Farmers Union.
Use the west entrance to the building, go up the stairs or use the elevator, and then to the

right to Pilgrim Hall. Coffee and a snack will be provided. No registration required.

Organized by the First-Plymouth Climate Action Team and Bread for the World Team, and
Nebraska Interfaith Power & Light. Co-sponsored by Green@Heart at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Bethany Christian Church Green Chalice, Saint Paul United Methodist Church Climate Justice Team, Green Sanctuary Committee of the Unitarian Church of Lincoln, First Presbyterian Church, Lincoln Friends Meeting, South Gate United Methodist Church, Eastridge Presbyterian Church Outreach Committee, Lincoln Citizens Climate Lobby, Wachiska Audubon Society, Ecumenical Legislative Briefing Day, League of Women Voters of Lincoln-Lancaster County.

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How to contact the Nebraska Governor, Jim Pillen


Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 94848
Lincoln, NE 68509-4848
Phone: 402-471-2244
Fax: 402-471-6031

Email: Gov. Pillen at the State Capitol

How to contact the Nebraska Secretary of State, Robert Evnen


1445 K St., Suite 2300

P.O. Box 94608

Lincoln, NE 68509-4608

Phone  402-471-2554

Fax  402-471-3237


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