2024 LWVLL AGM – President’s Remarks

About 38 members and 5 guests registered for and attended the annual meeting. I was pleased with the number of participants, but disappointed that more members did not attend.

The potluck breakfast was scrumptious and my sincere thank you to all who brought food to share. Then, there were Carla Larson’s homemade cookies at the coffee break — yum!!

My opening remarks focused on LWVLL’s accomplishments and activities over the prior 12 months. We have a lot of work and activities planned for the next 12 months, and more we want to do. Right now, we have a core group of volunteers that we can almost always count on, but we need more members to raise their hands and say yes to helping out, too.

Heidi Uhing of Civic Nebraska started the morning as our keynote speaker, discussing the potential ramifications of some legislative highs and lows and ways we could partner going forward.

LWV-Nebraska’s Rachel Gibson spoke along a somewhat similar vein after the break, but from the League’s perspective, plus plans to engage the Action Teams’ beyond the legislative session.

Vice President Carla Larson presented an overview about the proposed merger of the League 501(c)4 and the League Ed Fund 501(c)3 that included some Q&A with our legal team from the UNL College of Law. The members voted to officially proceed with the merger. Previously, the work was being done as directions to the board from 2022 Annual Meeting. The Ed Fund also voted in favor of the merger at their last meeting.

Secretary Terri Rittenburg reviewed proposed bylaws changes of four types: cosmetic, clarification, substance, and changes in anticipation of Merger and Conversion to 501(c)3. Membership voted to adopt the bylaws changes.

Vice President-Action Jean McGuire presented program planning changes (LWVLL positions) that were proposed in the February 2024 program planning meeting. Membership voted to adopt the program changes. Additional suggestions from the February meeting include forming a working group to do a fuller review and update of the Natural Resources and Transportation sections and a potential study of Elder Care for a potential position. If you want to help with this work, please let Jean know at llvp_action@lincolnleague.org

Treasurer Dorothy Ramsey presented the proposed 2024-25 budget. Members voted to adopt the budget as presented.

The slate of candidates for board open positions as proposed by the nominating committee was presented by committee chair Karen Dienstbier. Positions to elect included: secretary, treasurer, 4 directors, 3 Education Fund trustees, and 3 nominating committee members.

Secretary: Terri Rittenburg (2 years)
Treasurer: Jolanda Junge (2 years)

  • Kristen Anderson (Social Media) (2 years)
  • Sandy Blankenship (Membership) (2years)
  • Janet Chung (Voter Editor) (2 years)
  • Jim Johnson (Website Manager) (2 years)

Education Fund Trustee:

  • Nancy Comer (2 years)
  • Carol Hinkle (2 years)
  • Susan Scott (2 years)

Nominating Committee Member:

  • Nancy Comer (1 year)
  • Judi Cook (1 year)
  • Jane Witte (1 year)

There were no nominations from the floor. The membership voted to elect the slate of candidates as presented.

We also memorialized three League members who passed away in the past 12 months: Shirley Maly, Jan Gauger and Sheryl Wright.

In my closing remarks, I asked members to say yes to helping us with some specific needs in the area of meeting/event planning (need a committee), voter education, Vote411, communications assistant to president, social media (LinkedIn and Instagram in particular). If you want to say ‘yes’ you’ll help, please contact me at llpresident@lincolnleague.org or 402-525-3724.

The meeting adjourned at noon.

Cynthia Peterson, LWVLL President