VOTE BY MAIL: Act now to ensure a safe, successful May 12 Primary Election 

National League Urges Congress to Protect Voting Rights in COVID-19 Stimulus Package

State League Pushes for Executive Action, read more 

Contact your legislators, the Governor and Secretary of State

COVID-19 challenges everyone, but Nebraskans are stepping up in smart, compassionate, practical ways to care for each other. Our governor and health care community are providing excellent leadership.

Let’s take steps NOW to ensure the safety and success of the May 12 primary election. Are open polling places the smartest approach? Staffing polls will be difficult as many poll workers are over 60; turnout is very likely to decrease due to legitimate concern to limit exposure.

Prompt, direct action is needed.  Avert additional community spread and increase voter participation by sending vote by mail ballots to every registered voter in the state. Now is the time to inform, educate and prevent more virus spread by taking a common sense step to protect democracy and our neighbors at the same time. Plan safe, secure counting procedures in each county utilizing the outstanding, dedicated staff of each counties’ voting commissions.

This week the Lancaster County Election Commissioner began mailing early vote request forms to voters because of concerns for the health and safety of voters and election workers.  Vote by Mail was considered a success in the recent bond election conducted for Lincoln Public Schools.

Request your mail-in ballot from the Lancaster County Election Commissioner 

The deadlines for requesting an early vote/absentee ballot are as follows:
Request by mail, fax or email: 6:00 p.m., Fri., May 1, 2020
Request in person: 5:00 p.m., Mon., May 11, 2020
Request by agent: 7:00 p.m., Election Day, May 12, 2020


Due to the COVID-19 safety precautions the April and May Lunch and Learn meetings are cancelled. Our monthly schedule will resume in September. Stay safe.

Membership Committee Seeking Volunteers
The LWVLL Membership Committee is looking for people who would like to help grow the organization. If you would like to serve on the Membership Committee contact Sandy Blankenship at 402-560-7920.

Voter Registration Volunteers Needed
With the 2020 elections nearing, Lancaster County and the League of Women Voters Lincoln/Lancaster County are in need of volunteer voter registrars. Prior to registering voters, a registrar must go through a short training session (approximately one hour); to schedule a session, contact Deputy Election Commissioner Maura Kelly at 402-441-6500. Training certificates must be renewed every three years.

Please suggest nominees for the following LWVLL Board positions more…


Directory of Elected Officials of Lincoln and Lancaster County

IMPACT ON ISSUES – A Guide for Taking Action in Lincoln and Lancaster County

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