Definition Emergency: What is Ranked Choice Voting?

There is growing interest in examining new ways to ensure that votes of all citizens are counted equitably. Read here for an explanation of Rank Choice Voting, a hot topic following the recent New York City mayoral primary election.


The 2020 election saw the greatest participation in our nation’s history. Throughout election season, the League worked tirelessly to ensure voters had the information and the access to make their voices heard.

In the middle of a global pandemic, with rampant mis- and disinformation about our elections and unprecedented attempts to disenfranchise voters or push anti-voter reforms, the League found new and innovative ways to impact voters.

With a focus on reaching low propensity voters and targeting women, LGBTQIA+, low-income, Black, and Spanish-speaking Americans, LWV empowered voters and defended democracy through education, litigation, outreach, and advocacy.

Your local League completed voter education sessions with several groups and delivered registration and education materials to all groups requesting them. We worked with local organizations and individuals to implement a social media Get Out the Vote program. The Directory of Elected Officials was updated in 2019 by Paula Eurek. lt is available in printed version and on our website. Most notably we did organize volunteers to serve as couriers for the 10 new ballot drop boxes approved by the Election Commissioner. We helped to develop and review a brochure called “Know your Voting Rights” led by the State League Voter Services Committee.

Join us in supporting EVERYONE’S voting rights!

2021-2022 dues are now payable. Pay online or send a check for $50 made out to LWVLL (4600 Valley Road, Suite 306, Lincoln, NE 68510).  

Redistricting is coming. Be informed now.

View a video produced by the Greater Omaha League of Women Voters explaining the redistricting process.


Membership Committee Seeking Volunteers
The LWVLL Membership Committee is looking for people who would like to help grow the organization. If you would like to serve on the Membership Committee contact Sandy Blankenship at 402-560-7920.


National League Urges Congress to Protect Voting Rights

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Directory of Elected Officials of Lincoln and Lancaster County

IMPACT ON ISSUES – A Guide for Taking Action in Lincoln and Lancaster County

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